The Lowry Theatre

A new online booking system, Go2Give, the first of its kind in a theatre, has been especially developed for The Lowry enabling 250 volunteers to book their shifts from home.

The new time-saving software has been developed by Greenway Orr Limited because of their interest in the volunteer scheme.

Go2Give allows staff to book their front of house theatre shifts from home, rather than travelling into the venue to fill out paperwork. The software provides an efficient way of allowing volunteers to see upcoming shifts, check their diaries and view announcements from supervisors. Managers at The Lowry can also use the system to monitor shifts, create events, generate performance reports and calculate travel expenses owed to the volunteers.

Out of the 250 volunteers, currently only 40 have no access to a computer but The Lowry are providing them with email accounts, computer lessons and facilities in the building to combat this. Front of House Manager Kate Rice expressed her appreciation of the new system, “The old system meant that the volunteers had to drive to The Lowry to arrange their shifts, spending a lot of time travelling. It also meant hours of administration and reams of paperwork for the managers. We’re so pleased with the efficiency of the new online system and the way it helps to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Go2Give has been designed as a shift management tool which can be implemented by any organisation that has a team of volunteers. This is the first time the system has been developed for a theatre. Future plans are to roll the system out to other theatres and volunteer organisations across the country.

Go2Give will be further developed to alert volunteers, when they log-on to the system, that others who live nearby are working the same shift, enabling more car-sharing.

Celvyn Jones of Greenway Orr Limited said “Time is the most valuable commodity a person can give. The aim ofGo2Give is to make the administration of giving time easier. This increases retention, improves productivity and builds on the skills of the Volunteers themselves, benefiting the individual and the organisation. It has been a pleasure working with and supporting The Lowry

The Lowry‘s theatre volunteer scheme is one of the biggest in the country. In 2007, The Lowry was 1 of 5 organisations to receive the ‘Towards Excellence in Volunteering’ award, after following a Big Lottery funded programme aimed to develop best practice when working with volunteers throughout Salford. The Lowry have a diverse range of volunteers who are recruited annually from the beginning of June. Most are local to Salford, but some travel from as far afield as Mold, North Wales; Lancaster and Lytham St Anne’s.

The Art of Digital Collaboration – The Lowry & Go2Give from Arts & Business on Vimeo.