Manchester Literature Festival 2011

Manchester Literature Festival first heard about Go2Give ‘ via a word of mouth recommendation, and utilized the system both before and during the 2011 festival. We found it to be very responsive to our needs in what is often a fast-moving and changing festival environment.

It was helpful to be able to meet with Go2Give beforehand so that the system could be tailored to our particular needs. It was easy for the MLF volunteers to access the system and book their shifts and it was also easy for us to communicate with all or some of them, as and when we needed to. Particularly useful was a PDF report for each festival shift detailing who was working, their contact numbers and their picture – very helpful when you are working with over 70 volunteers! Each volunteer also received a reminder email the day before each shift, another useful innovation. Also handy was a post-festival assessment meeting to allow for feedback and discussion of possible improvements for the future.

We look forward to working with Go2Give again at next year’s festival.

Jon Atkins
Events Manager/Administration