Manchester International Festival 2009

I’m writing to say a huge thank you for all your help and wonderful support with Go2Give. As the volunteer Coordinator for Manchester International Festival I managed a team of approximately 320 volunteers who can volunteer for almost 40 different types of shifts. Before knowing about Go2Give I dreaded the rota-design nightmare that awaited me, with so many permutations to consider: individual availability, different volunteer roles, what the volunteer wanted to do, who would be suitable for what….the list goes on. However usingGo2Give relieved me of these worries and a great deal of potential stress!

It’s not just the software that impressed me though. The service that you provided truly goes above and beyond expectations. You really pulled out all the stops to make Go2Give efficiently and effectively address the needs of the MIF09 Volunteer Programme. You patiently listened to me trying to string an idea together, somehow understood what I was grasping at and made it happen. Whenever anything needed refining, or changing, or (frustratingly for you!) changing back to what it was in the first place, or sorting out, it was done on the day.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for Manchester International Festival‘s Volunteer Programme. In my upcoming report to the Festival’s senior management, I will wholeheartedly recommend using Go2Give again in future Festivals. I also have absolutely NO hesitation in recommendingGo2Give to any volunteer organisation, or organisation which needs a number of volunteers to function successfully.

Thanks again – you’ve been a complete pleasure to work with and I’m sure we’ll work together again in the future.

Caroline Birnie
Volunteer Co-Ordinator